Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

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Build instructional leadership to improve students’ literacy skills

Leading the change

For at least twenty years, there has been continued pressure to change the way we teach reading, one that supports the science of reading. However, transforming schools to a new way of teaching reading is not easy. Teachers are called upon to embrace extensive sets of learning objectives, build new lesson plans, increase their repertoire of effective teaching strategies, assess students in new ways, and support students with special needs in inclusive classrooms.

Transform your school

Leading the change will require superintendents and principals to ensure all stakeholders are aligned and fully committed to improving students’ literacy skills. It requires the concerted effort of school leaders to prioritize student learning, strengthen teachers’ instructional skills, and establish a data-informed culture.

Seize the opportunity – Leadership Academy

The Learning Bar’s Leadership Academy is a unique opportunity for superintendents and principals to engage in a year-long professional development program. They will learn from and be mentored by Canada’s prominent experts in leadership, the science of reading, classroom instruction, and assessment.
Date Theme Academy Leader
9 Jun 2022 Leading with Intention, Guided by Science Karen Power
15 Sep 2022 Building Shared Leadership Karen Power
20 Oct 2022 Learning to Read to Reading to Learn Dr. Doug Willms
17 Nov 2022 Leading Instruction in Literacy Dr. Norma St. Croix
19 Jan 2023 Aligning Data for Student Success Dr. Alma Garcia
16 Feb 2023 Prioritizing the Student as Leader Neil Debassige
16 Mar 2023 Supporting Teachers with Classroom Management Dr. Kevin O’Connor
20 Apr 2023 The Role of Culture in Student Learning Neil Debassige
18 May 2023 Fostering Communication Karen Power