The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading

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Our professional learning is built on the foundation of the Science of Reading and is intended for all teachers, regardless of experience, who want to elevate the impact of their literacy instruction.

Educators will learn about the science of reading and how to transform their classroom practice to improve literacy acquisition.

“I really found the part(s) on decoding helpful and well done. I also found the Structured Literacy interesting and the related readings were great. Lots of new ideas to think about in relation to my context as grade 7-12 literacy coach.”  Lisa Mueller, Medicine Hat School Division, Alberta.

Please note this course is designed for individual learners. We also have a Science of Reading course designed for the collaborative working of multiple learners. District-level pricing is available. Contact us for further information.

Our professional learning content has been created by literacy experts who have extensive knowledge and a deep passion for student learning. It was developed by the literacy team at The Learning Bar and Dr. Doug Willms, who held a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Literacy and Human Development for 14 years.

Our online professional learning courses offer educators the flexibility to choose what works for them.

Length: 16 weeks

Effort: 28-32 hours

Language: English

Course Type: Asynchronous

This is Course 1 of a series three courses:

  1.       The Science of Reading
  2.       The Science of Teaching
  3.       The Science of Assessment

These courses will provide educators with the fundamental skills – decoding and language comprehension – that children must acquire to become fluent and efficient readers and the strategies that are most effective in teaching these skills.

Each course is grounded in key evidence from academic research, linked to proven and practical classroom pedagogy, and connected to leading-edge educational policy, assessment, and governance strategies. Participating teachers will learn about the most up-to-date research on the science of reading and have a deep understanding of how to teach children to read using a structured and engaging approach. 

Course 1: The Science of Reading will:

  • expand a teachers’ understanding of foundational literacy development based on the Simple View of Reading;
  • provide them a deeper understanding of the sub-domains of decoding and language skills essential in literacy development; and
  • extend their repertoire of high-yield teaching strategies based on an Active Teaching model.

Outcome: Educators will learn about the science of reading and how to transform their classroom practice to improve literacy acquisition.

Module 1. The Simple View of Reading

    Learn about the science of literacy and its impact on students’ progress in learning to read.

      Module 2. High-Yield Teaching Strategies

        Find out how to deliver an active teaching lesson and five high yield teaching strategies.

          Module 3. How to Teach Coding Skills

            Understand the domains of decoding skills and how they are critical for learning to read.

              Module 4. How to Teach Language Comprehension Skills

                Learn about the role of language skills in reading acquisition and comprehension. Learn how to apply this knowledge in the classroom.