Becoming a Reader in 75 days

Becoming a Reader in 75 days

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Don't let your child fall behind.

Are you afraid that your child will fall behind when being sent home because of the pandemic? Worried that you might not have the tools to keep up with the progress they’d be making if they were in class? If you are afraid that you don't know how to teach your child to read at home, then this is the solution to your concern. Unlike other resources, this gives a set of key skills required to become a strong reader, a sequence in which these phonics skills should be taught, a series of effective and aligned learning activities, and finally a way of tracking your child’s progress.   

This new course is for parents and caregivers like yourself who want to act now. This is a complete gradual guide to learn strategies to support your child's development and to understand the core skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and grade 1.   

Whilst we cannot guarantee your child will master the skills in 75 days, we can give you the core strategies you will need to support your child in becoming a reader. Bring this engaging, easy-to-follow resource to your home and build the learning bond between just you and your child. Give your child the phonics skills they need to be successful readers. 

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Course structure
The course spans 15 weeks. Each week you will have access to a pre-recorded webinar and a series of activities designed to help you support learning at home. We recommend 30 - 60 minutes of dedicated time a day using the strategies and activities outlined in the course, however the course is flexible and you will see great progress even if you are only able to dedicate 15 - 20 minutes a day.

The course includes:

Make learning fun and give your child the skills they need to succeed.

  • 60 fun and engaging activities - that have proven to be effective with thousands of children
  • 30 downloadables - for teaching phonics 
  • A weekly assessment - that you can use to track your child’s progress
  • 15 weekly lessons - that you can do with your child is about 20 minutes to effectively build your child’s reading skills

The first stage of ‘becoming a reader’ usually begins in kindergarten or grade 1. This is when children begin to learn the relationships between letters and sounds, how sounds are put together to form words, and how words can be used to form sentences.

When children do not learn to read efficiently during the primary school years, it is almost always because they have not learned how to decode words. This course equips parents and caregivers with the knowledge and sequence of foundational reading skills, which is focused on the decoding of words. It also provides fun and engaging activities for teaching children at home.

  • The essentials of the Science of Reading and why it matters
  • The sequence for teaching the foundational skills – a weekly ‘menu’
  • Seventy-five fun and engaging activities proven to be effective with young children
  • Eight ways to increase your child’s motivation to read
  • How to instill ‘habits of mind’ that support children’s development
  • Simple tools to assess your child’s progress

Children learn to read at different rates. The rate at which a child becomes a skilled reader depends on many factors.  Whilst we cannot guarantee your child will master the skills in 75 days, we can give you the core strategies you will need to support your child in becoming a reader.  Your child will make the best progress if you spend an hour per day teaching these foundational skills.

Our professional learning content was created by Dr. Doug Willms and a team of literacy experts. Dr. Willms, a graduate of Stanford University, President of the International Academy of Education, and a Member of the US National Academy of Education will be delivering the course and outlining the most effective learning strategies you can use with your child