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  • I believe in a student-driven approach to learning, where students are encouraged to have a choice and a voice in their learning. The OurSCHOOL Student Survey has helped us achieve this.
    Kevin DeForge
    Kevin DeForge Principal, St. Dominic Fine Arts School
  • OurSCHOOL provides us with concrete data on which to build school goals.
    Laura Ketch
    Laura Ketch Teacher
  • OurSCHOOL has helped provide a focus for our work to improve the overall health and wellness of our students.
    Jeff Rankin
    Jeff Rankin Principal
  • The survey setup process is extremely quick and the data suppression and anonymity features really allow schools to more readily ensure that student responses are anonymous.
    Matthew Gagnier
    Matthew Gagnier Vice Principal
  • Seeing how we compare with all other schools in Canada as well as comparison with like socio-economic schools is very useful. They (TLB) have been consistently supportive and their surveys have provided helpful information at both the school and district
    Dave Tooby
    Dave Tooby Coordinator of Surveys
  • OurSCHOOL reports are used when schools create their school action plans. It assists administration with pinpointing a need for professional services and with the development of school events and supports.
    Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson IT Learning Support Coordinator
  • Students have offered suggestions on things we can do to promote positive peer relationships and were extremely happy with not only the results of relationship building but that we as a staff took their ideas and carried them out.
    Linda Whitteron
    Linda Whitteron Principal
  • Everything worked really well. The support from the Learning Bar throughout the process was outstanding. I appreciate the service we were provided at all levels.
    Maureen Kelly-Gibson
    Maureen Kelly-Gibson Instructional Design and Delivery