The Science of Reading

Fondements scientifiques de la lecture

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Literacy Success Professional Learning is built on the foundation of the Science of Reading and is intended for all teachers, regardless of experience, who want to elevate the impact of their literacy instruction.

Educators will learn about the science of reading and how to transform their classroom practice to improve literacy acquisition.


Each course is grounded in key evidence from the academic research, linked to proven and practical classroom pedagogy, and connected to leading-edge educational policy, assessment, and governance strategies. Participating teachers will learn about the most up-to-date research on the science of reading and have a deep understanding on how to teach children to read using a structured and engaging approach.

Course 1: The Science of Reading will:

  • expand a teachers’ understanding of foundational literacy development based on the Simple View of Reading;
  • provide them a deeper understanding of the sub-domains of decoding and language skills essential in literacy development; and
  • extend their repertoire of high-yield teaching strategies based on an Active Teaching model.