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Do you know all the areas of your school climate that are affecting your students’ success and well-being? Reducing vulnerability and improving outcomes requires having the right information at the right time to make informed decisions. The OurSCHOOL student, parent and teacher surveys allow you to measure and understand the factors that are known to have direct and profound impacts on student learning and well-being. Get the information you need to make evidence-based school planning decisions with confidence about critical topics such as student engagement, mental health, school safety and inclusivity, and many others.

Each license allows you to use any OurSCHOOL survey up to two times per school year with up to 2,500 participants per survey.


There are five Surveys that make up the OurSCHOOL Survey Suite:

  1. Bullying and School Safety (grades 4 – 12): A safe school environment is critical for students’ learning and well-being. This report presents actionable information regarding the climate of bullying, safety and inclusion in your school.

  2. Student Engagement (grades 4 – 12): This survey focuses on measuring students’ attitudes towards learning, working with others and participating in all aspects of school life. Reports present a summary of your school’s engagement levels, some key demographic breakdowns and advice about what can be done to positively impact engagement.

  3. Career Pathways (grades 6 – 12): The process of career planning starts in early childhood and intensifies as students progress through secondary school. This survey provides insight into your students’ aspirations and career knowledge and shows you what resources, skills and opportunities they need to help them prepare for their careers.

  4. Parent & Guardian Survey: Parents and schools are partners in student learning. Feedback from parents and guardians provides valuable insight into your school's climate and culture. This survey can aid in strengthening parent, teacher and school collaboration by providing you with a deeper understanding of parents’ perceptions of their child’s experiences at home and school.

  5. Teacher Survey: This anonymous self-evaluation gives teachers an opportunity to provide feedback about their school’s learning culture and climate. Used as a planning tool, the survey can help spur constructive dialogue about effective teaching strategies, professional learning opportunities, parental involvement and other important topics.

The majority of participants can complete a survey in: 

Bullying School Safety = 15 - 20 minutes
Student Engagement = 40 - 45 minutes
Career Pathway = 20 - 25 minutes
Parent Survey = 15 - 20 minutes
Teacher Survey = 15 - 20 minutes

Services & Support

When you choose OurSCHOOL, you get so much more than just an online survey. 

Implementation Team Services: A team of product experts committed to ensuring that you have all of the information, skills and support needed to use OurSCHOOL effectively. Through training, technical support and the world-class customer service that The Learning Bar is known for, the Implementation Team is here to ensure your success.

Research Team Services: A team of researchers with deep knowledge of the research and analysis that goes into OurSCHOOL. Through consultation, resource development, and professional coaching, our team partners with you in your efforts to elevate informed practice in your schools and classrooms.

Customer Success Team Services: A team of product experts with knowledge and skills to support you through all phases of your personalized client success journey. Our team will help you navigate the various steps of product implementation that will support you to achieve your vision of product success.

For further information on the level of support provided please contact us directly.

  • National and local norms: Our reports display your results alongside national or provincial/state norms to help you interpret how your district, school or individual grades compare.

  • Replica School: Compare your school against a replica school norm that is based on the results of schools with the same socioeconomic profile as yours. This allows for a true ‘apples to apples’ comparison of where your school stands.

  • Customize: Supplement the survey with your own custom questions targeted towards your own unique area(s) of interest.

  • Interactive Charts: These dynamic charts enable you to explore your data in depth. Drill down by grade, sex, Indigenous stats, Immigrant status, disability or any other demographic you add to your survey.

  • One-click report: An executive summary overview of what is going on in your school. A quick glance at each measure makes it easy to spot patterns or anomalies.

  • Thematic Reports: The Bullying and School Safety, Student Engagement and Career Pathway thematic reports provide a deep dive into these critical areas of school climate.

  • Privacy: The OurSCHOOL survey is 100% anonymous.

Student Surveys

OurSCHOOL student surveys measure factors that are proven to have a direct and profound impact on student learning and well-being. All measures are grounded in leading-edge research and are rigorously tested to ensure statistical reliability and validity.

You will have access to STUDENT surveys that cover the following measures:

Social Engagement
  • Participation in Sports
  • Participation in Clubs
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Positive Relationships

Institutional Engagement

  • Values School Outcomes
  • Truancy A
  • Homework Behaviour
  • Positive Behaviour at School

Intellectual Engagement

  • Interest and Motivation
  • Effort
  • Skills-Challenge A

Emotional Health

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression A
  • Self-Esteem A

Academic Outcomes

  • Language Arts A
  • Math A
  • Science A

Career Pathways A

  • Aspirations after graduation
  • Commitment to a chosen career
  • Career exploration
  • Career knowledge
  • Perceived obstacles to career goals
  • Current use of career planning resources and opportunities
  • Perceived importance of specific skills

Quality Instruction

  • Effective Learning Time 
  • Relevance 
  • Rigor 

Drivers of Student Outcomes

  • Advocacy at School
  • Expectations for Success
  • Positive Teacher-Student Relations 
  • Positive Learning Climate 
  • Advocacy Outside of School
  • Aspirations (Finish High-School, Pursue Trade, College or University)
  • Bullying (Physical, Verbal, Social, Cyber)
  • Exclusion
  • Sexual Harassment A
  • Feel Safe Attending School


  • Grade
  • Sex
  • Socio-economic Status
  • Indigenous Status
  • Immigrant Status
  • Home Language
  • Disability

Some measures are only applicable for certain age groups:
A = Secondary students only


Parent Survey

The OurSCHOOL Parent Survey is based primarily on Joyce Epstein's framework for fostering positive relationships between schools and their community of parents and guardians. Successful schools establish effective communication with their community, encourage involvement in their child's schoolwork, and enlist their school community to volunteer in activities and participate in committees. This survey assesses parent and guardians' perceptions of their children's learning experiences both at home and at school.

You will have access to the PARENT survey that covers the following measures:

  • Parents feel welcome
  • Parents are informed
  • Parents support learning at home
  • Support for learning
  • Support for positive behaviour
  • Feeling safe at school
  • Inclusion
  • Parent participation at school
  • Bullying and exclusion
  • Time spent doing homework

Teacher Survey

The OurSCHOOL Teacher Survey is a self-evaluation tool for teachers and schools that is based on two of the most popular and respected models of school success. The Effective Schools model measures the eight most important drivers of student learning. The Outward Bound model measures the four most critical dimensions of effective teaching practice.

You will have access to the TEACHER survey that covers the following measures:

Effective Schools: Drivers of Student Learning

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Learning culture
  • Data informed practice
  • Teaching strategies
  • Technology
  • School is inclusive
  • Parent involvement

Outward Bound: Classroom and School Practices

  • Challenging and visible learning goals
  • Planned learning opportunities
  • Quality feedback
  • Overcoming obstacles to learning